Make The Outdoors Your Classroom

Your Metro Parks are dynamic outdoor classrooms and exciting places for active learners of all ages. Our naturalists and educators will connect you to nature or help you learn a new outdoor skill. We offer a range of free educational opportunities and resources.

Our programs engage people in hands-on experiences that promote appreciation and understanding of our area’s great cultural and natural resources.

Learning in Nature

Whether it’s a field trip to a park, a morning spent in the creek looking for crawdads or a scout or home school program, there’s no limit to the amount of things that can be discovered in nature. Immerse yourself in one of our outdoor adventures.



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Winter Fun with Kids at Five Metro Parks

JULIE MILLER, Guest Blogger With kids, I often think of summer as the time for hiking and exploring parks. When winter comes, I am inclined to hibernate instead. However, that …Read More

Happy birthday, Henry David Thoreau

Two hundred years ago, on July 12, 1817, Henry David Thoreau was born in Concord, Massachusetts. This famous American author, transcendentalist, naturalist, political dissident and human rights advocate inspired the …Read More

World Snake Day: Celebrating Memaw and snakes around the globe

July 16 marks World Snake Day, a time to celebrate snakes and the vital roles they play in the ecosystem. The Metro Parks have several different snakes, including Memaw, a …Read More

The parks remove huge spreads of callery pear and other biological pollutants

If you hike the Mingo Trail at Scioto Grove Metro Park you will notice that many trees are being cut in the area. Visitors seem a little startled when they …Read More

Get Outside, It’s Your Nature!