Beautiful, natural areas for you to enjoy.

Since 1948, protecting high quality natural areas has been an integral part of Metro Parks’ mission. We protect more than 27,700 acres forests, prairies, grasslands, rivers, streams and wetlands.

We manage our natural resources in a manner that provides the optimal composition of native communities, and benefits the largest diversity of native species possible. More than 2,400 plant and animal species have been documented, including several state and federal endangered ones.

Discover the Natural Wonders of Your Park

As a result of Metro Parks conservation efforts, park visitors can see a diverse array of plants and animals ranging from a ruby–throated humming bird weighing in at 3 grams to a 1,000-pound burly bison. We hope that these natural delights that you chance upon when out in a park will fill you with a sense of connection, vibrancy and awe.

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