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Viewing wildlife is one of the best ways to enjoy Metro Parks. Every month, Naturalists offer a wide range of programs for visitors to look for animals in the parks.

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Spectacular fall colors blanket Metro Parks

With colder weather comes changing landscapes and spectacular fall color. Head out to your favorite Metro Park and marvel at the vibrant reds, warming yellows and fiery oranges that blanket …Read More

Behold the flowers of fall

Autumn takes your breath away with its fabulous canvas of changing colors, but it also takes the blooms away. Those wonderful flowers that delight the eye throughout summer fade away …Read More

Feathered friends flock through the parks

KATIE BENNETT, Clear Creek Naturalist Fall in Ohio welcomes cooler temperatures, a painted landscape and significant activity among our avian friends. The changing weather, a safe place to rest and …Read More

Tim Talks: Abounding wildlife at your Metro Parks

From bald eagles to salamanders to foxes, you’ll find abounding wildlife at your Metro Parks. SEE MORE TIM TALKS VIDEOS Tell us your story

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