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6:30am to 8pm
Phone: 614.595.9979

Programs at Rocky Fork


Rocky Fork Metro Park features more than three miles of walking trails that wind through woods and fields. There is a bridle trail, dog park, an off-leash trail for dogs, a play area for kids and a large shelter for family picnics. Enjoy sitting in the big wooden chairs as you look for wildlife in the open fields.

Photo: Ryan Hill

Photo: Andi Wolfe

Park Map

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Rocky Fork Park Map


Beech Woodland

1.3 miles
Easy – Hike – Bike – Pets – Paved
Loops through a wooded area with vernal pools and large beech trees.
Interactive Map: Beech Woodland


3 miles
Easy – Horseback Riding Only – Grass and Paved
Bridle Trail passes through woods and open fields.
Interactive Map: Bridle


0.3 miles
Easy – Hike – Pets – Gravel
An off-leash pet-friendly trail with two loops through a wooded area and past a wetland.
Interactive Map: Dog

Millstone Connector

0.5 miles
Easy – Hike – Bike – Pets – Paved
Path runs parallel to the park road and links from Walnut Street to the Millstone Picnic Area. Connects to the Beech Woodland Trail.
Interactive Map: Millstone Connector

North Meadow

1 mile
Easy – Hike – Grass
Passes over a small earthen dam, along a pond and loops around a restored native meadow.
Interactive Map: North Meadow


0.5 miles
Easy – Hike – Bike – Pets – Paved
Continues out of park to Bevelhymer Park.
Interactive Maps: Bevelhymer

Joggers with stroller on the Beech Woodland Trail at Rocky Fork.
Photo: Andi Wolfe

Photo: Dan Bissonette


Non-Reservable Shelters

Picnic shelter in the Millstone Picnic Area at Rocky Fork.
Photo: Bryan Knowles

Millstone Picnic Area

Shelter has two grills, a fireplace and space for 68 people. A playground designed around three large climbing boulders utilizes an earthen mound and elevated boardwalk to provide ADA access to the top of one boulder. It incorporates logs harvested from Metro Parks as part of the play experience. The top of the mound includes picnic platforms where visitors can relax, eat and overlook the play area and surrounding parkland.
1 Shelter: 57 Parking spaces plus 6 handicapped parking spaces, Electricity, Fireplace, Grills, Picnic Tables

Grill Pad in the Woods

The grill pad in the woods (near the Millstone Picnic Area) has one grill and a table for six people.
1 Table and Grill: Grill, Picnic Table

Shelter in the dog park area of Rocky Fork Metro Park.
Photo: Annette Boose

Dog Park Picnic Area

Shelter can be used by 14 people, or be divided into two sections, seating seven people in each, and each with a grill.
1 Shelter: 31 Parking spaces plus 2 handicapped parking spaces, Grills, Picnic Tables


Park visitor and son run on the Beech Woodland Trail at Rocky Fork with their labrador.
Photo: Dan Bissonette

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